Friday, November 12, 2010

I finally monogrammed some things for my Daughter.

 I very rarely get around to monogramming my kids things.  This year I I decided that i wanted to get a few things done before the holiday madness kicks in.  I spent the day yesterday trying to get through the basket of things that I have been piling up for my children.  here are a few of the items that i was able to finish.

Monag Dress with snowman trio-  may be purchased for $35

This was a Chez Ami dress I bought (the outlet is right here in raleigh-YEAH!!).  The funky tree is from  The font used for the name is the grasshoper font found on

this was another Chez Ami outfit I picked up for $14.  I know it looks like a PJ but i don't think it is.  it has buttons on the back and the tag says its not intended for sleepwear.  anyway, I added a ruffle to the leggins and I am going to make a tutu to wear over it and them maybe it won't look so much like a pj.  The ornament applique is from http://www.appliquefrenzy,com/

these are walmart pj's that i picked up las winter for $3.00 and now that they have a monogram they are perfect for christmas morning.

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