Monday, November 15, 2010

My Baby is growing up- sneak peek party pictures

Customized Birthday Hats $28

Cupcake toppers- email us for more info.

invitations, cupcake toppers birthday hats and matching shirts for birthdays. 
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Friday, November 12, 2010

I finally monogrammed some things for my Daughter.

 I very rarely get around to monogramming my kids things.  This year I I decided that i wanted to get a few things done before the holiday madness kicks in.  I spent the day yesterday trying to get through the basket of things that I have been piling up for my children.  here are a few of the items that i was able to finish.

Monag Dress with snowman trio-  may be purchased for $35

This was a Chez Ami dress I bought (the outlet is right here in raleigh-YEAH!!).  The funky tree is from  The font used for the name is the grasshoper font found on

this was another Chez Ami outfit I picked up for $14.  I know it looks like a PJ but i don't think it is.  it has buttons on the back and the tag says its not intended for sleepwear.  anyway, I added a ruffle to the leggins and I am going to make a tutu to wear over it and them maybe it won't look so much like a pj.  The ornament applique is from http://www.appliquefrenzy,com/

these are walmart pj's that i picked up las winter for $3.00 and now that they have a monogram they are perfect for christmas morning.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Ruffled Rompers

I love pillowcase dresses and in Florida you can pretty much wear them year round.  Now I am in North Carolina and the weather is a bit different.  In Florida if i got a little cold i just threw a long sleeve shirt and  pair of leggins under the pillowcase dress.  While that is still a fabulous choice I love this new boutique ruffled romper that I  am making now.  Same rules still apply- if its hot (likely in FL) then don't wear a shirt underneath,  if its cold then just grab a coordinating longsleeve (I sell plain long sleeve interlock shirts as well).

These 2 rompers were made for 2 different girls from 2 different families but both in Florida.  Can't wait to see the pics.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Sibling shirts

love this combo for siblings. Sometimes you don't want the kids to match but just coordinate and this is perfect. The santa theme is carried out in both shirts.

Long Sleeve Onesie with santa chimney applique $24.25

Long Sleeve shirt with santa hat applique and bow- $22.25-26.00 (depending on size)

Baby gown with Christmaas tree and bow applique-  $23.00

More Sweatshirts!!!

Applique Sweatshirt - $25

add fill design or monogram to the back of the neckline on any sweatshirt or t-shirt order for $5

Applique Sport trio sweatshirt- $26

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