Thursday, January 14, 2010

I made my 1st Name pillow - What do you think?

My oldest daughter has a sleepover party this weekend.  In sticking with the whole sleepover theme I decided to make a name pillow, monogram a soft chenille throw, monogram a bag and buy some P.J.'s from Justice.  I wanted to make some cute P.J's but my 8 year old said "Why do you always have to make presents",  so I thought buying the P.J. would satisfy her.  I will post a picture of the competed birthday bag once I am done.  For now look at this pillow- I LOVE IT!!!!
MY 8 year old (you know, the one that wants to know why I always have to make presents) saw it and said "I want one".  That made me feel good because she is over monograms and anything else that comes from my studio.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Name Pillows- Oh so cute and personal!!!

These name pillows are so cute. They would make adorable valentine gifts for your children. Your pillow will be customized with your choice of fabric and colors.

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